INDIANA (2016)

Feature lenght Film  |  Drama | Status: POST-PRODUCTION (last update: 09/02/2014)


Plot: Michael (45 years old) has a good paying job yet his life feels aimless, especially with his wife expecting birth within the month. It’s at the peak of a claustrophobic day that Michael is pushed into the dire decision of leaving the paranormal investigation group he created with his best friend, 20 years ago: “The Demon Doctors”. He decides to leave the group… After one last investigation. The case that Michael is faced within the following 24 hours, consumes him with unsettling and disturbing thoughts; Ultimately it makes him question reality with the paranormal.

Director: Toni Comas

Writers: Toni Comas and Charlie Williams.

Cast: Gabe Fazio, Stuart Rudin, Bradford West and Sophie Auster.

Produced by Ricardo Vilar and Anthony Argento.


Production values

Several combined values make the production of this film unexampled from development to completion:

  • Production company move from New York City to Indianapolis;
  • Fundraised the production budget through 100% of private equity in 70 days;
  • Production was alotted for 40 days in the state of Indiana; 27 shooting days;

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