"Snowbound" is a short film announcing the upcoming feature length version currently slated for principal photography in 2016.



The Farm is a supernatural thriller centered on a deteriorating family thrust into a fight for survival when a winter storm traps them in the unfamiliar territory of northern farm country land. The Ereckson family has been summoned to this farm to help retrieve a young girl named Angel, the sole survivor of a horrific family tragedy. The experience has left her nearly catatonic, but also prone to outbursts of shocking violence. She spends her days staring from her bedroom window. As if looking for something or even waiting for something. There is far more to Angel than meets the eye. She is linked to the supernatural events occurring on the farm, and the neighboring farmer is terrified at the mere sight of her. Over the course of the story the Ereckson family is drawn to Angel, and then to each other, in a desperate fight for survival that will pit them against both the supernatural forces that assail them. Out on these moonlit fields, the Ereckson family will find themselves thrust into the middle of a living nightmare, caught in the line of fire as old scores are settled and dark secrets are unearthed. Blood will shed, but the Ereckson family will survive and find themselves the stronger for it.